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Strength of a T5?

Old 04-29-2006, 01:31 AM
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Default Strength of a T5?

Doesn't seem to be much activity going on in these parts lately, figured I'd start a new thread. As some of you may know, I have a 302 from an 89 mustang, and am looking to put it into a car this summer. I will need to get a transmission, and was wondering what a good, cheap choice would be. I really want a manual, as I'm not going to be making a crazy drag-specific setup, and will be daily driving the car. Most likely all I will be able to afford will be bolt ons, and maybe a cam, and was wondering how strong the stock T5's are, as I would guess that finding one would be the easiest. I'm not going to be making too much power over stock, but don't want to limit myself to a transmission thats not going to hold if I decide to put some more power down in the future. Any suggestions? Also, should I stay away from buying a used tranny, or is it ok, if I'm careful with my selection? Thanks in advance
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Old 05-01-2006, 09:30 AM
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Stock T5's......IMHO they are very driver dependent, very.

I had a bud in the past break multiple T5's with a stock 90 302 with long tubes. But he was just a moron and beat the **** outa his car everyday and laughed about it.
Before I switched to my tko, I pushed my stocker to over 500 flywheel in tq with a little sauce. But I didnt spin the car high (5500) didnt power shift, didnt drag race on sticky tires and I babied the car around town.

Proceed at ur own risk but from what u seem to be looking for. I think you'd be fine with a T5.
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Old 05-16-2006, 03:41 PM
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Like stated it really depends on the driver(and I'd say the weight of the car may play a major role in this as well).

I've had the stock T5 in my car since I got it over 40,000 miles ago. It has seen everything fron daily driving, street racing, I've launched at the track MANY times on all kinds of tires(ET streets, ET drags, Nitto AND BFG drag radials, street radials, McCreary dirt track tires), nitrous runs, power shifted it, auto-crossed it, everything. The dang thing is still running strong. Its the ONLY stock part I have left in the drivetrain!

I'm most likely running on borrowed time, but I don't see any reason to replace something that isn't broken. When I changed my clutch a few months ago there was a piece of metal that came out of the tranny with the oil. Filled her up with synthetic ATF and called it good

Another thing thay may play a role is shifter choice. If you go banging gears hard with that stock shifter theres the chance of overextending and bending shift forks and other stuff that isn't supposed to bend. Get a quality aftermarket shifter with adjustable stops, adjust them according to the directions, and have fun!

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