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Brake install how to

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Default Brake install how to

Keep in mind this was done on my 97 Cobra which has a dual piston 13 inch brakes, unlike the single Piston GT. This is what worked for me and if you have an easier way of doing it, then by all means use that method.
Front Brake pad install

I used Brembo factory rotors and Hawk HPS pads

Tools needed:
1 Lug wrench or impact gun
1 21mm socket
1 Torque wrench
1 15 mm socket
1 Ratchet
1 Flathead screw driver
1 Hammer
1 C clamp
1 Can of brake clean & brake quiet

1. Inspect brake parts to verify they are correct. Spray brake quiet on the
backside of the brake pads. Apply thin even coats.

2. Jack up the front of the car. Remove both wheels. With 15mm socket remove
the caliper mounting bolts located on the backside of the caliper and hub.
if caliper doesnt slide off(most likely it won't), take a flathead screw
driver and pry the caliper away from the rotor by inserting it in the rotor
fins and the caliper. You now removed both calipers.

3. Once the caliper is free take the flathead and pry off the c clip on the
small pivot pin that holds the caliper parts together. Pull pin out and seperate
the caliper. The Bottom right side of the top part of the caliper as you
look at it will pop up andto the right as if it was hinged at the top left side.

4. With a hammer gently tap out the outer brake pad. With the C clamp place it
with one side on the inner brake pad against the pistons, and the back part
of the clamp(the part where you turn the handle) against the backside of the
piston and slowly turn the c clamp handle. This will pull the pistons back in.

5. Then gently tap on the inner brake pad and remove it. Insert the new pads in
the exact same manner as the old ones were. make sure the squeal indicators
are in the same spot or the pivot pin will not go back in.

6. Take brake cleaner and spray down the rotors and wipe them down with a clean
rag or papwer towel. Place rotor on the hub.

7. Take the lower caliper assembly and put back on the hub and reinstall the
mounting bolts. Now take the main caliper and place the top part of it on the
lower part of the caliper. Keep in mind it will go on at an angle as if it was
hinged on, and then you press down on the bottom side of the upper caliper.

8. Reinsert the pivot pin and 2 clips that came off with it.

For opposite side, repeat steps 3-8 for installation.

9. Put the wheels back on and torque the lugnuts to 95 ft/lbs.

10.Now when you start the car up, before you move anywhere, pump the brakes a few
times. If you don't you will find there is no pressure in the front brakes. So far
there is no squealing or any problems. this entire job took about 30 minutes to do. if you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]
The car is dirty, I know.

Brake quiet..notice the inner pistons are pushed in with the pad installed
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